Volunteer Opportunities and Information
It is the mission of the volunteer team to promote and strengthen the well-being of all animals through animal care, animal adoption, promotion of spay and neuter, humane education, and the maintenance of the shelter itself.



Adoption Days are our opportunity to showcase our pets and to encourage adoptions.  Volunteers would be needed to walk the dogs and answers questions prospective owners might have about the animals.  At some of our Adoption Days, we also have bake sales.  If you like to bake, this is a great opportunity to help while doing something you love to do.  We have about five Adoption Days a year.  Most are held within the county but sometimes we may take the dogs to Nashville for a larger adoption day.
Annual Valentines Luncheon is held in Feb each year.  Volunteers may help with ticket sales, collecting money at the door, cooking, baking or serving. 
Annual Yard Sale provides you the opportunity to clean out your closets.  We need donations and all donations are tax deductible.  If you are having a yard sale, keep what you did not sell and donate to the Humane Society.  In addition to items for sale, our volunteers would help set up the sale by unpacking, pricing and selling items the day of the sale.  We always need tables and help with the taking down and storing of the unsold items.
Paws in the Park will be held at the conclusion of the run.  Volunteers would help man the events, bake cakes for the cake walk, sell drinks and other food. 
Animal Shelter Volunteers are important to help provide quality care for our animals while they are in the Shelter.  The most important thing a volunteer can do for the Shelter is walk the dogs and play with the cats.  The animals need human contact, what we call socialization.  They get plenty of food and water but the staff just cannot give 20 plus dogs and another 10 cats personalized attention each day.