Anti Cruelty Team



Upon further reflection, I have surmised,
if given one wish before I die
that my soul may improve beyond my judgments and wrongs
and be as Christian and loving as those of all Dogs---

Won't you stand up and be their voice,
so animals can finally, finally have a choice?


Do YOU suspect cruelty?

Remember the 4 Ws:
When did the alleged cruelty take place? 
What happened? 
Who was involved?
Where did the alleged cruelty take place (the address)? 

Then provide some TLC:
Tell a trusted adult (if you are under 18 years of age).

Leave a message with:
1.  Tonya George*, Captain of ACT--931-264-0957;
2.  Or at the Shelter at 931-296-7319
3.  Or with your city’s non-emergency police station number.

ontact the police at 911 if the animal is in immediate danger of severe bodily harm or death.

Please do not tether or tie up your pet—
Just like people, animals do fret.
Without enough freedom, exercise, and play,
Pets like you experience pain.
*Tonya George has almost eight years experience with Animal Control and with enforcing laws for the City of Waverly.  When asked why she wishes to lead and to be a part of the Humphreys County Humane's ACT, she responded, "I have a passion for all animals, and I intend on following through with all cases, no matter how big or small.  I believe all animals should have equal care as each animal is as important as another.  I have experience with the court system, and I feel confident about my abilities.  I understand that I have much to learn, but I am excited to have the chance to do so."--HCHS Meeting on February 1, 2011