Humphreys County Humane Society is delighted to announce our newest opportunity to find homes for our Humphreys County dogs and puppies. PetSmart Charities, one of the most renowned pet advocate organizations in Northern America, established a program that facilitates moving dogs from shelters that have too many to shelters that need more. This is the essence of Rescue Waggin. Since 2004, Rescue Waggin has transported over 70,000 dogs to under populated shelters. For us, here in Humphreys County, this program means lives saved. One of the reasons dogs are euthanized at the Animal Shelter is due to overcrowding. With this program, we will be able to move dogs out of the shelter each month, allowing room for new ones without having to put any to sleep. We can’t thank PetSmart Charities enough for accepting us into the program. In addition to the opportunity to find more homes for our dogs, PetSmart Charities also assigned us a Shelter Mentor who will help us make our Shelter the very best it can be.
Calling All Free-Roaming Cats!!  HCHS is seeking another Grant from PetSmart Charities that, if awarded, will allow us to provide free spay and neuter of 500 free-roaming cats in Humphreys County.  A free-roaming cat is one that spends most of its time outside.  It could be a cat you own or a community cat that you or your neighbors feed.  Please contact the HCHS or the Waverly Animal Shelter at 296-7733 for more details. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 15th Valentines Luncheon.  We made $3,000.00.
Thank you all the wonderful people who help care for and provide homes for the pets in Humphreys County.  You are a very kind and generous community and we appreciate your support.  I would like to tell you that over the past few months, several beautiful pets have gone missing. Many of these are large dogs and we are concerned that they may be used for dog baiting or fighting.  In addition. at least three dogs have been injured during this hunting season.  Please don't let your dogs run loose.  Know where they are at all times.  Keep them safe--their health and their lives depend on you.