Fostering Opportunities & Information
  All dogs and cats available for adoption are also available to be fostered.
Some dogs and cats must be fostered for a period of 10 days before certain rescues will accept them.
If you are happy and your fostered pet is happy, you may be eligible to adopt him or her.
Before becoming a foster parent, you must agree to the following:
Fostering Policy
The animal I am fostering is the property of the Waverly Animal Shelter. We are accountable for each animal in the shelter system, so please understand that ALL RULES APPLY. I am agreeing to foster this animal at my home and am responsible for the care of that animal.
If the animal becomes sick or injured, the animal must be returned to the shelter immediately for care at our approved veterinarians.
If the animal is lost, I agree to contact the shelter immediately.
I am responsible for the food, water, and shelter of the animal as instructed by the shelter staff.
I agree to return this animal in good condition within 5 days of the date signed, unless given permission for a long-term foster period by the shelter supervisor.
All veterinarian visits will be scheduled by the shelter supervisor.
This is a trial period in which I have requested to become familiar with the animal, and potentially, to discover if the animal is suitable for my home. I have been informed of the adoption policy and agree to follow through with adoption or to return the animal to the Waverly Animal Shelter’s Adoption Program. I understand that I am a temporary foster for this animal and that the Waverly Animal Shelter has the right to inquire about the living conditions and / or request the return of this animal at any time during the foster period.

If determining whether the animal will be suitable for your home, an adoption fee will be held as a deposit. The fee will be deposited in the bank after the five day hold unless other arrangements have been made.

No dogs or cats may be fostered during their hold time in order to check their physical, mental, and emotional health status.

By signing this document, I am agreeing to the terms of the shelter policies.

Animal Being Fostered
Deposit Fee