Any Donation that you earmark for a particular purpose will be utilized in the manner requested within 30 days of receiving that donation.

How Much Does It Cost To Care For Dogs & Cats?
$10.00 – Feeds 5 Dogs or 5 Cats 1 Meal
$20.00 – Helps Provide Materials for Humane Education
$25.00 – Provides Flea & Tick and Heartworm Prevention for 1 Month for 1 Animal
$50.00 – Provides Medical Assistance to Sick Animals
$100.00 – Neuters One Male Cat
$125.00 – Neuters One Male Dog
$125.00 – Spays One Female Cat
$150.00 – Spays One Female Dog
Please Indicate How You Would Like Your Donation To Be Utilized?

2nd Chance Liz Coombe Memorial Fund to pay for unusual medical expenses

o Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) to pay a portion of spay/neuter costs for low income families
o Flea & Tick and Heartworm Prevention
o Humane Education
o Senior Citizen Support Fund to pay spay/neuter, adoption fees and medical expenses for pets owned by Senior Citizens
o Adoption Fund to pay for spay/neuter of pets placed up for adoption
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