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Who We Are

We are the Humphreys County Humane Society--a group of volunteers committed to improving the welfare of animals. Incorporated in 1988, the group almost disbanded in 1996 with only five members. In the last few years, with support from county residents, our group is augmenting its effectiveness in improving animal well-being.
We are not the animal shelter but we do partner with them.  The Waverly Animal Shelter is funded and operated by the City of Waverly although it serves the cities of Waverly, New Johnsonville and McEwen. Without the support of the Humane Society, the Waverly Animal Shelter would be a pound, forced to euthanise animals who are not claimed within a five day period. 
The Humphreys County Humane Society is a sister organization to the Waverly Animal Shelter. We work to support animal welfare on behalf of animals county-wide (McEwen, Waverly, and New Johnsonville) solely through the generosity of volunteers and donations. Presently we have approximately 30 regular contributing members, 26 lifetime members, 5 officers, and 8 Directors of our Board.


What We Do
The Humphreys County Humane Society Volunteers host fundraising activities during the year. We also receive funds from the county and United Way. Proceeds pay for medical services, fund the Spay and Neuter Assistance Program, help finance spay and neuter services for adopted shelter animals, make shelter facility improvements, and provide materials for community education. Members volunteer at the Waverly Animal Shelter, attend to animals at the Shelter, help with animal rescues, respond to calls of animal abuse or neglect, promote adoptions and spay and neutering, maintain the website, host fundraising events, and provide humane education to the schools within the county.
Contact Information
Waverly Animal Shelter
112 Young Road
Waverly, TN 37185
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Open: Monday – Friday from 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00-1:00
Humphreys County Humane Society                            108 Young Road, Waverly, Tennessee 37134
Suspect Animal Cruelty?
Contact Tonya, Captain of the Anti-Cruelty Team, at 931-264-0957.